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Benefits of Full Fibre


Full Fibre gives you access to incredible speeds that make a real difference. With upto 10Gbps available today!

You get what you pay for!

With Full Fibre connections if you pay for 500mbps down 500mbps up that’s exactly what you get unlike with other services where speed you get can vary!

Future Proof

Once the fibre infrastructure has been installed it can be easily upgraded in the future to offer faster speeds making it truly future proofed.


Full Fibre is a brand-new network that uses fibre optic cables which do not suffer from the reliability issues of copper cables or flaky wireless signals.

Speed Test

Low Latency

Full fibre travels at the speed of light which means you can get lower latency than other technologies can be as low as 2ms typically around 10ms. This means you get the best performance and best online gaming experience!

Increased Property Value!

Having a FTTP connection installed into your property (or even available to it) can increase both the value and attractiveness of your property.This is because when looking for new homes one of the key things people look for is the internet speed which is only becoming more crucial.

Great value for money

In a lot off cases a Full Fibre connection can offer great value for money working out less per mbps than slower broadband services. In some cases you can get a faster Full Fibre service at a lower price than you pay for standard broadband.

Supports busy households

Having a full fibre connection can support a busy household letting multiple people all get a decent connection say goodbye to buffering!

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This multi part blog will be covering my journey getting Virgin Media’s Gig1 XGSPON powered full fibre broadband at my home. In this first part I will cover the sales and ordering process.  If your intrested in getting Virgin Media you can get £50 cashback on any package here What is Virgin Media XGSPON? When…

Trooli launch 2Gbps package

Trooli has become the latest ISP to launch a multi gig internet service this week launching a 2Gbps package. More speed all round Alt-net Full Fibre network and ISP Trooli has this week launched a 2Gbps symmetric (same upload and download speed) package across its entire network. The new package will cost £49.99/month on a…

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