Lightning Fibre an AltNet based in the South Coast has recently announced it is expanding into Bexhill. They roared into Bexhill with a Formula One Grand Prix Winner, to announce it’s network expansion and celebrate 120 years since the birth of British Motor Racing, formally recognised by the RAC as taking place in Bexhill-on-Sea in May 1902.

A truely future proofed network

Lightning Fibre Founder and CEO Ben Ferriman and Network Director Paul Thornton were pictured with Nelson Piquet’s 1990 Grand Prix-winning Formula One Benetton with The Vice Chairman of Rother District Council, Councillor Kathy Harmer and The Worshipful the Mayor of Bexhill, Councillor Paul Plim.

“Better broadband is vital for residents and businesses in Bexhill and across the district. This investment, and the creation of local jobs, is a real boost to regeneration efforts and the council whole-heartedly supports this announcement.”
Cllr Kathy Harmer
Vice Chairman of Rother District Council

The 1990 Benetton was chosen in a nod to the birth year of the World Wide Web, when Tim Berners-Lee and his colleagues at CERN developed hypertext markup language (HTML) and the uniform resource locator (URL), giving birth to the first incarnation of the World Wide Web.

“It was always my intention to include Bexhill in our network expansion - connecting our Eastbourne and Hastings infrastructure to bring Full Fibre symmetric future-proofed hyper fast broadband to Bexhill. Bringing the world’s fastest car with us to celebrate the arrival of the world’s fastest broadband is the perfect way to launch our network in Bexhill. We pride ourselves on being the only locally-founded Full Fibre network headquartered in and focused on East Sussex.”
Ben Ferriman
Lightning Fibre Founder and CEO

Lightning Fibre network is fully Symmetric meaning you get the same upload speeds as you do download you can read more about why that matters here.

They support speeds up to 10Gbps making them future  proof for years to come and offer very competitive prices you can find out more on their website

95% of Lightning Fibre employees come from East Sussex, and the install and customer care teams are based in Polegate. 

The Company will announce further expansion soon, with 100 more local jobs being created now to support that future growth.