The government run Gigabit voucher scheme is a lifeline for rural property’s that are hard to reach and not touched by commercial Full Fibre rollouts.

Shropshire Council has gone one step further by boosting the voucher funding.

Helping Rural areas get Gigabit

Some rural premises in Shropshire will be able to benefit from up to £7,000 of extra funding to access gigabit-capable broadband connections in residential or commercial environments.

With an extra £500,000, Shropshire Council has now made £2.5 million of additional funding available to ‘top-up’ the national Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme in partnership with the Government.

Gigabit Internet delivers download speeds of up to 1Gbps, the equivalent of 1,000Mbps. The higher your download speed, the faster you can download files and stream smoothly on multiple devices.

Eligible homes and businesses can receive £4,500 from the Government towards accessing a gigabit broadband network. Those premises which are currently unable to access broadband speeds of at least 30Mbps will be prioritised for additional funding of up to £2,500 per premises, funded by Shropshire Council.

“I’m delighted to commit this additional investment to help some of our most rural homes and businesses get better broadband connections.“Over 98% of homes and businesses in Shropshire Council’s district can already access a superfast broadband connection with speeds of 30Mbps.”“We’re now topping-up the Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme to target those final premises that can’t access superfast speeds, and where we know that delivering a faster broadband network is likely to be more expensive.“Improved digital connectivity remains a key priority for us as a council, in our efforts to create a sufficient, accessible and healthy economy for our residents and businesses.”
Rob Gittins
Cabinet member for culture and digital
“We’ve upgraded hundreds of hard-to-reach areas in Shropshire and thanks to the council’s extra investment in our voucher scheme even more rural premises will feel the benefits of better broadband.“The scheme is part of our £5 billion Project Gigabit, the biggest broadband roll out in British history delivering upgrades to homes and businesses across the UK that would otherwise have been left behind.”
Paul Scully
Minister for Department of Science,Innovation and Technology

How to Apply

To qualify for the national Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme, groups of two or more residents or businesses must be located in a rural area and be unable to get broadband speeds of 100Mbps.

The scheme encourages collaboration between neighbours and their chosen broadband infrastructure provider to gain access to a gigabit-capable broadband service.

To check availability for a voucher, please use the postcode checker on the following webpage: 

If you live in Shropshire and have a broadband query you can reach out to the Connecting Shropshire team:

Its worth noting the Gigabit voucher scheme is a national scheme which means if you live in a rural area and dont have speeds of 100mbps or more then its worth applying.

Of course if you don’t live in Shropshire or another area that has top up funding you will only be able to get the standard voucher amount of up to £4,500.