Trooli has become the latest ISP to launch a multi gig internet service this week launching a 2Gbps package.

More speed all round

Alt-net Full Fibre network and ISP Trooli has this week launched a 2Gbps symmetric (same upload and download speed) package across its entire network.

The new package will cost £49.99/month on a 24 month contract which comes with free installation and router.

The lower speed packages are also getting a speed boost thanks to them all switching to symmetric which means for all packages the speeds will be the same for both download and upload where previously upload speeds were 50-300mbps depending on your package.

On their website Trooli said:

“You’re probably used to seeing broadband packages categorised by speed, most commonly in the units of Gbps (Gigabits per second) or Mbps (Megabits per second). But do you know what this actually means? Both units explain the number of ‘bits’, small units of data, that can be transferred per second. Gbps means a billion bits per second, whilst Mbps means a million bits per second.

In 2023 the average speed of broadband in the UK was 0.073Gbps (73.21Mbps) but this is simply not enough for households that want to work, stream, browse, or game without interruption. Luckily, 2Gbps broadband (2000Mbps) is now available and is more than 27 times faster than the average UK broadband speed, allowing you to do more with your Wi-Fi, without frustrating buffering and freezing.”


In the past year an increasing number of providers have been introducing mulit gig products with 2Gbps being the most common multi gig speed.

While this is good news it is worth remembering  that on the whole most users will not be able to fully benefit from multi gig speeds read our blog here for more on that.


To see if you can get Trooli’s services simply enter your house number and postcode on our handy full fibre checker.