Full Fibre arrives in Cheadle Staffordshire thanks to FullFibre’s Fibre Heroes  providing the residents of Cheadle access to ultrafast broadband for the very first time.

If your a resident of Cheadle we have teamed up with one of the Internet Providers on the Fibre Heroes network to get you one month FREE with prices starting form £25 per month for 100mbps! Find out more here 

Fibre Heroes too the rescue

Cheadle is one of many underserved market towns in the county of Staffordshire that FullFibre is building.

We recently wrote about neighbouring town Leek going live in parts of the town on Fibre Heroes network. 

With very little disruption, the wholesale network provider began their work in December and already the first residents of Cheadle have access to ultrafast broadband and the digital opportunities that come with that.

FullFibre has a growing number of ISP partners that offer market competition and specifically cater to areas and towns often overlooked or disadvantaged when national upgrades are rolled out.

With the help of their B2C marketing campaign Fibre Heroes, it means that partners of the wholesale network provider receive boosted marketing efforts on top of their usual advertisements.

“Full fibre broadband in small market towns like Cheadle will be a major advantage to local businesses and communities. Having access to this revolutionary technology can offer multiple benefits to these town especially to those now working from home. We’re delighted to bring ultrafast broadband to Cheadle and will continue to serve generations to come.”
Chris Williams
Full Fibre Ltd
“Connecting our communities to full fibre broadband will make a huge difference to day-to-day living, learning and to local businesses.It enables people to live and work efficiently wherever they are and so the county council fully supports the providers carrying out installation. It’s fantastic to see Cheadle and Leek connected.”
Mark Deaville
Staffordshire County Council

How to get conected:

Full Fibre Fibre Heroes sells its ultrafast  broadband though a number of partner internet providers we recomend Air Broadband who have excellent customer service and great prices:

  • 100Mbps up/down for £25 per month
  • 250Mbps up/down for £30 per month
  • 500Mbps up/down for £35 per month
  • 1Gbps     up/down for £45 per month

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