Full Fibre Broadband has landed in Leek thanks to Full Fibre Fibre Heroes bringing speeds of upto 1Gbps to the Staffordshire town.

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Leek is 'lit' up

Full Fibre Ltd who have a consumer facing brand Fibre Heroes are a wholesaler Full Fibre alt net building brand new ultrafast networks across the country with an aim to server 500,000 premise by 2025.

Leek in Staffordshire part of Full Fibres Midland East region is the latest in a sting of towns that have gone partially live recently .

Thanks to Full Fibres use of existing Openreach infrastructure (Poles and ducts) they have been able to build at lighting speeds and say ‘significant’ parts of the town will be live from day one.

Coming to Leek that has historically been underserved and seeing residents desperate for a clean, undisruptive build, we knew we could step up to the challenge. Providing FTTP access for our customers in Leek really fills me with pride for my team, knowing the high-quality work that has been carried out.”
Chris Williams
Area Manager for the Leek Build

How to order a connection

Full Fibre Fibre Heroes sells its ultrafast  broadband though a number of partner internet providers we recomend Air Broadband who have excellent customer service and great prices:

  • 100Mbps up/down for £25 per month
  • 250Mbps up/down for £30 per month
  • 500Mbps up/down for £35 per month
  • 1Gbps     up/down for £45 per month

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