FullFibre’s Fibre Heroes has unlocked thousands of residents for partners to serve full fibre ultrafast broadband.

This is the latest in a sting of announcements from the alt-net with more to follow as they are on track to reach 500,000 premises by 2025!

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Rescue forgotten market towns

Full Fibre who operate a consumer facing brand Fibre Heroes are an alt-net Wholesaler meaning they build and operate the Fibre network and sell there services via a number of partner internet providers.

They target underserved towns and rural areas that have been overlooked by other Full Fibre companies and suffer from poor and unreliable broadband.   

Leominster which is part of Fibre Heroes Midlands South Region is the latest town to go Live meaning residents living in Leominster can now order Ultrafast broadband packages up to 1Gbps Symmetric!

If you wondering what speed you need read our recent blog that covers this topic.

“FullFibre is thrilled to make this announcement, providing new technology and possibilities for the community and individual residents of Leominster. We hope it can better equip local attractions to aid with the local economy and ensure the town of Leominster is never overlooked again.”
Dan Jones
Full Fibre
Fibre Heroes FTTP Cabinet in Roos-on-wye

How to get connected

There are a number of partners that offer services on the Fibre Heroes network with prices starting from £25 per month (at the time of writing) for 100mbps symmetric.

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