Over 15,000 homes and business across 3 towns can now get ultrafast Full Fibre Broadband from Fibre Heroes.

To celebrate we have teamed up with internet partner provider Air Broadband to get you one month FREE broadband!

Alfreton area in Derbyshire

Parts of the town of Alfreton in Derbyshire as well as neighbouring areas Somercotes, Leabrooks, Riddings and Swanwick can now experience ultrafast full fibre broadband from Fibre Heroes.

The wholesale network builder has worked hard to complete this build providing access to full fibre broadband with over 4,000 properties now live in these areas.

James Warner CSO stated:

“Putting towns and communities live and providing more opportunities for our partners is the really exciting bit about what we do. Connecting customers to a true 21st century network is what we are all here for and the opportunity for our partners and the towns we cover is growing day by day.”

With FullFibre’s mission to connect underserved areas, it plans to reach the rest of Alfreton in the near future so all residents can join the internet revolution.

To find out more about getting connected read on to the end of this post.

Evesham and Cheadle

In Cheadle just over 50% of the town (over 5,000 properties) can now take service with the other 50% nearing completion over the next 6 months. Evesham, not to be outdone, is also live and available to over 5,000 residents today representing 1/3 of this town as complete with the rest being delivered by Q2 of next year.

These two towns going live are two of many either now live or imminent to be so from the 30+ currently in a phase of build for the network operator.

James Warner CSO from FullFibre said:

“We continue to build and send live areas like Evesham and Cheadle at pace to make sure our partner ISP’s can make the most of this new service offering to residents in these areas. We know some of the towns we build have had suggested interest from other providers, but actually getting customers connected in these towns is what counts and that’s where our partner ISP’s really benefit.

FullFibre’s work across all of their build locations continue with active build now in 11 Counties

As well as the areas mentioned in this article there was a significant drop of property’s being made Ready for Service aka live in many other towns including Shrewsbury   its worth checking your postcode today to see if you can get connected.

How to get connected to Fibre Heroes

As stated earlier Fibre Heroes is a Wholesaler so don’t sell direct to the public but instead have a number of partner internet providers that sell services.

We have partnered with one of these providers Air Broadband  who (at the time of writing) offer broadband services from £25 per month for 100mbps upto a 1Gbps service for £45 per month on a 12 month contract.

They do not put their prices up during the contract and the only upfront cost is the router delivery charge of £6.50.

What’s more you can get one month FREE with us find out more here!

You can check your availability on Fibre Heroes website.

If your not sure or need any help contact us