Fibre Heroes in Droitwich

Over 5000 homes and buisness in Shrewsbury, Shropshire can now get ultrafast Full Fibre Broadband from Fibre Heroes.

To celebrate we have teamed up with internet partner provider BeFibre to get you £50 Cashback!

Fibre Heroes to the rescue

Fibre Heroes is a consumer facing brand for alt-net Full Fibre Ltd.

They are a wholesale network builder meaning they do not sell direct to the public but to partner internet providers who in turn sell services to the public.

Full Fibre Fibre Heroes have been building brand new Full Fibre networks accross the UK primarly in ‘forgotten market towns’ and aim to cover 500,000 premises by 2025.

Full Fibre Ltd started building their network in Shrewsbury in 2019 in the Cherry Orchard area of town which only had access to slow ADSL.

Full Fibre Ltd announced an expansion in 2020 and 2021 to cover the whole of the town a total of 37,121 premises.

In Shrewsbury which i know very well as its my home town currently there is not a lot of Full Fibre from other networks. 

There are pockets of Openreach FTTP mainly in new build estates, some pockets of Air Band FTTP and Virgin Media which is expanding down from the North of the town.

Fibre Heroes has over the past 3 years been slowly expanding from the original Cherry Orchard build down to Abbey Forgate and Coleham and in recent months started making more areas live and last Monday (17th October 2022) Fibre Heroes lit up 1000’s more homes.

Fibre Heroes FTTP Cabinet in Roos-on-wye

The Latest Picture

As of today 25th October 2022, 5548 premises are now live Fibre Heroes network and can order a service.

Breaking it down by post code area:

SY1 1= 96/2826
SY1 2= 0/4714
SY1 3= 0/4256
SY1 4= 0/4861
SY2 5= 2918/6011
SY2 6= 1198/4486
SY3 5= 0/2730
SY3 6= 0/1203
SY3 7= 1045/3829
SY3 8= 0/4793
SY3 9= 291/2849

As you can see although todays news is great that 1000’s more can now get a service there is still a significant number of premises 31,573 that are still waiting to go live with 6 out of the 11 postcode areas not having a single property live.

Hopefully we will see another big change in property’s coming Ready For Service in the coming months as some people have been waiting almost 3 years to get connected to the network.

Virgin Media as stated earlier are rapidly expanding across the town and Openreach have started expanding their FTTP network which will cover the whole of the town this is expected to be complete by 2025 but may be sooner.

Nearby Bayston Hill is also enjoying a Fibre Heroes deployment and like Shrewsbury has seen more property’s go Ready For Service in recent weeks with 570 property’s now ready to be connected. 

How to get connected

As stated earlier Fibre Heroes is a Wholesaler so don’t sell direct to the public but instead have a number of partner internet providers that sell services.

We have partnered with one of these providers BeFibre  who (at the time of writing) offer broadband services from £21 per month for 150mbps upto a 900mbps service for £30 per month on a 24 month contract.

They do not put their prices up during the contract and no upfront costs.

What’s more you can get £50 cashback with us 

If your not sure or need any help contact us